Urban Planning

– In addition to brokerage, listing services and development, District RA can provide you with a complex understanding of what can be achieved with your property. With our Urban Planning expertise District can show you the full potential of your property and how that can be accomplished. Whether it be navigating municipal zoning codes or successfully navigating the permitting process, our experts will provide you the knowledge and services required. Often times property and business owners are unaware of the true entitlements on their property, District will be able to educate you bring this to light.
Someone looking to open a business in a specific area needs to understand the complex ins and outs of a municipality. Simply acquiring a permit to operate or a permit to renovate a space requires experience and know how in the intricate world of Municipal Governments. District RA can help see to it that your dream does not get bogged down by the bureaucracy and that your project is up and running in as little time as possible.

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