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The Ten Best Art Galleries in Miami


I grew up going to Second Saturday Art Walk in the mid-to-late-2000s, when Gallery Diet and David Castillo Gallery had just opened in Wynwood.  Elite art aficionados and kids looking for free wine lurked inside while the local community remained outside.  It was a quiet gentrification at first. Since then, neither the Puerto Rican community nor the two original galleries exist along NW Second Avenue.  Meanwhile, Wynwood has exploded, leaving a trail of galleries relocating to cheaper neighboring areas.  But galleries that remain are still showcasing interesting works.

I learned during those early days of wandering that art galleries can be pretentious and inaccessible, shrouded in silence or self-conscious conversations.  But the gallery world has more to offer.  Some of Miami’s best spaces are warm and invite critical dialogue – fostering community among local artists while opening doors for outsiders to share their work.

In the age of Miami’s cultural renaissance, here are the city’s ten best contemporary galleries.

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