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The Ten Best Art Galleries in Miami

I grew up going to Second Saturday Art Walk in the mid-to-late-2000s, when Gallery Diet and David Castillo Gallery had just opened in Wynwood.  Elite art aficionados and kids looking for free wine lurked inside while the local community remained outside.  It was a quiet gentrification at first. Since then, neither the Puerto Rican community […]

Loads of Art at the Laundromat

David McCauley lived like a brash X Games competitor before the accident, grinding skateboards on benches in New York, surfboarding in Fiji and Tahiti, snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains.  In 2008, that all ended with a smack at the bottom of a swimming pool.  During a friend’s birthday party in the East Hamptons in New […]

Artist Paints Colorful New Life into Vintage Little Haiti Building

When Turgo Bastien created his first painting, it wasn’t with a brush or acrylic paint.  The artist, then 8, turned a chicken feather into a brush, soaked it in house paint and used an old shirt as the canvas. It was a neighbor who encouraged him to pursue art for a living. “She looked at […]

The New Tropic

In our guide to Little Haiti, we’re exploring the region spanning from NW 54th St. through NW 79th St. — celebrating the patchwork of people and places that make up these vibrant neighborhoods. As you walk through Little Haiti, you might encounter signs that read, “Welcome to Lemon City,” a name with a history reaching […]

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